Central Hawkes Bay District Council Report

Leading locally

Better than competent

Council has embarked on a transformational programme since the last local body election. Strong, inclusive leadership is in place. Relationships with the community and other stakeholders are largely positive.

The Council has established a strong vision for the district, and a high level of commitment to serve the community and its interests is apparent.

Investing money well


The Council has had a long history of austerity and careful financial management. However, this has resulted in underinvestment in some core service areas. Also, some important decisions were not supported by robust financial analysis and justification.

The Council is managing its finances reasonably well, with low levels of debt. However, the community has expressed a willingness to pay for higher service levels.

Delivering what’s important

Areas for improvement

The Council’s delivery of core infrastructure services to meet community expectations of performance has been compromised by inadequate investment in the past. Considerable remedial activity is now underway, and a prioritised action plan is being developed.

Central Hawke’s Bay District Council is facing several immediate infrastructure challenges, which are being addressed proactively.

Listening and responding

Performing well

The Mayor’s and Chief Executive’s commitment to effective communications, within Council and with the community, is exemplary. There is evidence of meaningful engagement with Māori.

The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council has become highly proactive in terms of engagement with the community, stakeholder groups and the general public.