Manawatū District Council Report

Leading locally


Council has established a strong base of operational delivery since the 2016 local body elections. With capable leaders in place and positive relationships with the community and other stakeholders, Council is now positioned to take a stronger leadership role in the region.

The Council has a good understanding of community needs, and it is committed to acting in the best interests of the district as a whole.

Investing money well


Manawatū District Council is a competent manager of financial resources, and it is paying good attention to appropriate financial management disciplines.

Elected members are genuinely interested in being effective stewards, and they display a willingness to engage on key financial matters.

Delivering what’s important

Performing well

The Council’s delivery of core infrastructure services to meet community expectations of performance is sound. Awareness of emerging challenges is high, and some innovative solutions are being proposed to ensure service quality is not compromised.

Council understands the levels of service required to meet current and emerging community needs, and its commitment to ensuring service level commitments are achieved is strong.

Listening and responding

Better than competent

The Mayor’s and Chief Executive’s commitment to effective communications within Council and with external stakeholder groups is genuine. Council’s relationship and engagement with Māori is developing.

Council’s connection and engagement with its community is deep and enduring.