Best Practice

In addition to the assessments councils undertake as part of the programme, CouncilMARK™ also aims to highlight and facilitate best practice examples based on themes identified throughout the assessment process.  These examples have been developed into CouncilMARK case studies which displays how specifc councils are showing excellence in their governance and operations, and how other councils can learn from these examples.

In facilitating best practice amongst the sector, the CouncilMARK™ Programme not only provides councils with an opportunity to track how well they’re performing against a robust Performance Assessment Framework, but also provides them with opportunities to learn from the very best examples in the sector.

The Hauraki District Council was rated as the best performing participating Council in the priority area of ‘Governance, Leadership and Strategy’. CouncilMARK set out to find out more about what makes Hauraki District Council stand out in how the govern...