The programme

The CouncilMARK™ programme is best described as a measure of performance assessment and continuous improvement that assists councils to deliver top service and value to their communities.

CouncilMARK™ is a measure for better community value and is New Zealand’s local government excellence programme

The CouncilMARK™ programme is designed to improve the public's knowledge of the work councils are doing in their communities and to support individual councils further improve the service and value they provide. The programme incorporates an independent assessment system that assesses how councils are performing and the work they're undertaking to grow the value they deliver.  Councils receive an overall performance rating from an Independent Assessment Board and commentary on their performance. 

The programme encourages a culture of continuous improvement and assists councils to further engage with their communities on the issues that matter locally.

A cycle of continuous improvement

CouncilMARK™ is cycle of continuous improvement. Councils and communities share information and input into decisions that over time will lead to more united plans, actions and achievements.

The Performance Assessment Framework (PAF)

The CouncilMARK™ programme incorporates a set of performance measurement principles, an over-arching performance framework and a set of underlying performance indicators that will guide the team of independent assessors.

The PAF is a comprehensive assessment framework that sets out the methodology for the assessment, and the framework in which councils are assessed upon. Councils follow this document closely throughout the assessment process and provides a key insight into what is considered best practice that councils can follow.

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