Background research

New Zealand Local Government Survey

The programme is underpinned by significant research commissioned by LGNZ, including the New Zealand Local Government Survey of over 3,000 citizens and businesses.  This provided important country-wide insights into New Zealanders’ perceptions of local government.

The Survey was established in 2014 to measure the ongoing reputation and performance of the local government sector. It measures awareness of local government and its services, satisfaction with services, performance of local government and areas where local businesses and the public think local government performance can improve.

The sum total of all these performance areas culminates in a Reputation Index that will be tracked on a regular basis.

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The four priority areas were derived from public and business feedback from the New Zealand Local Government Survey 2015.

Development of Framework

Following this Survey, LGNZ worked with Cameron Partners to develop indicators for each priority area contained with an overall performance “system” that:

  • enable a current state and gap analysis assessment for councils;
  • provide a grading in each area; and
  • lead to an overall publicly available rating.

As a result, the Programme’s Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) was created which forms the methodology for the assessment process.

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