Rating and grading scale

CouncilMARK™ rating scale

The CouncilMARK™ local government excellence programme is a system designed to demonstrate and improve the value and services of councils by measuring indicators across four priority areas. Participating councils are assessed by independent experts every three years and given an overall rating from triple AAA to C.

Priority grading scale

Within the overall CouncilMARK rating, councils are given a grading for each of the four priority areas:

> Governance, leadership and strategy;

> Financial decision-making and transparency;

> Service delivery and asset management; and

> Communicating and engaging with the public and businesses.



The CouncilMARK™ local government excellence programme is a proprietary programme operated by Local Government New Zealand (utilising independent assessors). The rating given to a council is an independent assessment of that council’s performance in certain areas, as at the time the rating was given. LGNZ does not accept any liability to any person whatsoever in relation to any rating, or the council’s participation in the programme.