Council resources

Below you will find key resources and supporting documents for councils for the CouncilMARKā„¢ Programme.


Performance Assessment Framework

This document contains detailed information on the performance system and indicators for council assessments and the indicative cost of an assessment.


Programme prospectus

The prospectus that outlines the key features of the Programme and how councils can get involved.


Best Practice Case Studies

In addition to the assessments councils undertake as part of the programme, CouncilMARKā„¢ also aims to highlight and facilitate best practice examples based on themes identified throughout the assessment process.  These examples have been developed into CouncilMARK case studies which displays how specifc councils are showing excellence in their governance and operations, and how other councils can learn from these examples.


New Zealand Local Government Survey

The New Zealand Local Government Survey was established in 2014 as one gauge for measuring the ongoing health and performance of the local government sector. 

In addition, the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, School of Government, VUW release the results of its Public Trust Survey in March 2018.  It is interesting to note that compared to two years ago, New Zealanders are now more trusting of local government (page 9).  Click here to read the survey.