Whanganui District Council Report

Leading locally


Whanganui District Council is working hard to provide strong and effective leadership, for the betterment of all. Relationships within the Council and with the community are, largely, stable.

The Council has established a strong vision for the district. A high level of commitment to serve the community and its interests is apparent. The challenge now is to realise the potential expressed in the vision.

Investing money well


The Council has a long history of careful financial management. However, some bold decisions may be required in the future, to ensure projects are prioritised well and the service delivery expectations of the community are met. The increasing preference for co-funding has enabled otherwise unaffordable projects to proceed.

Council management of its finances is sound. In particular, the financial strategy is credible and the Council’s approach to risk is appropriate.

Delivering what’s important

Better than competent

The Council’s infrastructure team has worked hard over the years to ensure core systems are operating well. A risk-based approach to asset management, including targeted monitoring and predictive modelling, is deeply embedded.

Whanganui District Council has invested wisely to ensure core infrastructure meets the current and emerging needs of its community.

Listening and responding


Council staff have a strong commitment to good communication and engagement. However, Council will need to be careful to ensure the large number of communications projects currently underway are delivered as expected.

The Council is investing heavily in communications, to ensure its engagement with a socio-economically and demographically diverse community is effective.