Rangitikei District Council Report

Rangitikei District Council has met the challenge of being a small but geographically dispersed community through its well-considered strategies, careful financial management and a commitment to service improvement. It recognises that it must continue to develop options for cost-effective shared services and improve its capital expenditure and project delivery capability, and it is well-placed for further progress.

Rangitikei District Council

Leading locally


Council is led by an experienced Mayor and a capable Chief Executive who is well-regarded by staff and stakeholders alike. An overall vision and supporting strategies are used as a reference point to ensure services are delivered to community expectations. The working relationship with Māori is both mature and effective.

Investing money well

Better than competent

Council’s financial strategy has been developed in line with its Long Term Plan and overall strategy and vision, and there is a strong emphasis on affordability and long-term financial sustainability.

Delivering what’s important

Better than competent

Council’s service delivery and asset management is defined by both its focus on continuous improvement and its historical shared services agreements with neighbouring councils, most notably Manawatū District Council.

Listening and responding


Council demonstrates a high level of awareness of its community. The effectiveness of its communication and engagement processes is improving.