New Plymouth District Council Report

With an eye on the future, New Plymouth District Council has a clear plan to accomplish its vision of a ‘sustainable lifestyle capital’ along with the resources to achieve it. Strong leadership combined with the effective use of Committees and Community Boards ensures good governance. At the same time, the Chief Executive has fostered a capable organisational culture geared to deliver operationally.

New Plymouth District Council

Leading locally

Performing well

After a period of relative stability Council is solidifying its governance, leadership and strategic functions across a diverse and motivated governance group. Elected members are ably led by the Mayor and, despite differences, appear to work well together to progress the interests of the district’s communities.

Investing money well

Performing well

Council’s financial management systems and controls appear robust and comprehensive. Good quality financial and non-financial information is reported to elected members, who demonstrate a high level of interest in the data provided.

Delivering what’s important

Performing well

Council has effectively embarked on a programme of work to rectify a significant historic renewals deficit. That was well communicated via the ‘fix our plumbing’ campaign that brought elected members, ratepayers and other stakeholders along on the journey.

Listening and responding

Performing well

Council engages with the general public and community groups often and effectively, using a range of channels and feedback mechanisms to suit audience needs. It involves testing issues with the community in advance, polling progress during engagement, and a willingness to adjust methods if needed.